Sunday, November 20, 2011


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If you are in the market for a new small place and have started looking at floor plans, there are a few important things you should consider.

1. Most floor plans are flat and only 2D. I know, this is obvious, but if you really think about visualizing the space in 3D, it will feel very different.  For one, you have to imagine yourself walking through the front door.  Then imagine yourself going about your everyday activities in that space. You may think you can live small, but how small can you really live?  It's different for everyone.

Take the above small space - the square footage was not listed, but it's tiny, agree?  Now picture yourself coming in in the winter, let's say, with your boots and large puffy coat... you will be coming straight into the kitchen.  No foyer to speak of. Can you do this? Can you downsize your wardrobe enough to allow that one tiny closet to hold your winter coat as well as all your other clothes?  Where will you put your friend's coat when he or she comes over?
2. The above floor plan is a townhouse 2D floor plan. It looks nice and seems to fit everything you might need as they even show the ideal furniture placement (not sure where the inevitable TV goes mind you). But don't be fooled.  Floor plans are designed to entice you to buy and to look bigger than it is. Those furnishings they have drawn in may not be scaled properly to the space. The sofa, for example may not be a full sized sofa. And the master bedroom bed looks like a double, not even a queen. Is that what you have and want to incorporate? If so, it may be the place, but be mindful of these tactics.
3.  This kind of floor plan seems to give the best visuals. If the builder can't provide you with something like this, you can always go to a site such as this one to convert your 2D to 3D. But still be mindful of the furnishings and how it shows it all fits. Also remember to consider what you already own, the size of bed you prefer, and any other furnishings you hold dear and want to keep.

It's nice to buy new and have all the fun choices of finishes, but remember to really visualize not only how your furniture might fit, but how you like to live. Realize that the floor plans may not be scaled correctly, and if there are models to walk through, go there with your measuring tape - they often make the models slightly bigger than what they offer you.

If you remember to think carefully about your small space living, you won't be disappointed.  Just take note that some builders do use the above strategies and that you should be aware.

**Not all builders use the above tactics of course, but it's good to be mindful.

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