Saturday, December 24, 2011


This week when I was out shopping I came across what to me was a beautiful, and practical, apothecary jar for a mere $9.99. I knew when I saw it exactly what I was going to use it for - my cats' food. It would replace the old one so yes, I was going to recycle the old tin so as not to store another 'thing' in the house.

So practical was this to be - glass for easy cleaning and a screw top so that the odours stay nicely inside. And with it being so pretty, I could keep it on the counter, right near the cats' bowls so it would be easy to just reach in and take some out with the scoop at feeding times.

So what is the problem? My husband's hand doesn't fit very well into the jar mouth. He can still manage, but he's not happy, and for him, this is not more practical for this reason.

SO..., go back to the old or stick with the new? We are giving the new pretty one until the new year to give it a try. I have not as of yet gotten rid of the tired old tin the food used to be in, but once we decide...

I'll keep you posted, but my guess; I will win and the jar will stay.

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  1. It didn't take long - the glass jar is staying... and it's working out perfectly! ;)