Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The title seems obvious in order to simplify, right? Well it is. To make this transition, start at the store. Before you even try on any clothes for purchase, read the label. If you really want to stop having to go to the dry cleaners and ironing, then don't even try clothes on that require either because if it looks good on you, you may be tempted to buy it! So to stick to this plan of simplification, stop the cycle right at the store level.

For what you already own, just get rid of those things that you say you will iron or have dry-cleaned... you know you never will if this is a goal of yours. And once it is gone, you'll only have things in your wardrobe you can look at and just put on! How relaxing!

I do recognize the need for a fine suit for men and perhaps that perfect little black dress for women - both of which may require dry-cleaning, but this is an everyday lifestyle change I am referring to. This is something my husband and I have already taken to it's extreme. My husband's pants and shirts are all iron-free, so hanging after washing is all it takes. As for me, I have gotten rid of my crinkly iron shirts and my own little black dress is actually washable in the machine! 

Bonus - the chemicals used in dry-cleaning and electricity used in ironing are eliminated - eco-friendy too?... Check!

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