Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's easy to just buy the right size table, or the right colour table, or worse, the right priced table. But have you considered all the important things your kitchen table will be doing for you? I often sit at my kitchen table feeling so lucky that I chose what I did as it offers me all the things I need and want and what makes it practical for my everyday life.

Here are some things to consider so that you too can get the perfect table for you:

  • First and foremost, will it fit in your space? Consider 3' from table to wall/passage for the ultimate comfort, or a little less if your space is small.
  • If you have chairs you will be using, will they fit under the table comfortably? Will your legs cross under the skirt of the table if you like to do that?
  • Does it have the surface you like? Can you put a mug of hot tea down without a coaster? I love that I can with mine and it doesn't mark.
  • Does it have legs or a pedestal? Legs can get in the way of squeezing more chairs around it so I always say pedestal for the ultimate in leg space.
  • If you like to open up a newspaper and have a cup of coffee, is it spacious enough?
  • How many people will typically be sitting around the table? If more than just you, is there room for everyone and all their stuff? (iPads, magazines, drinks, condiments...)
If you are practical with your table and get the best quality you can afford, you will treasure it for years.

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