Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Guest Blogger - Kristy Athens - Get Your Pitchfork On


In GYPO I write: “Hanging the laundry is one of those ridiculously simple economies that used to be ubiquitous and has now virtually disappeared from North America! No one questions buying an enormous machine and paying for gas or electricity to cook plastic sheets laced with toxic chemicals into their clothing, when there is fresh air right outside! While the invention of the washing machine saved people hours of hard labor in front of a steaming washtub, a dryer saves virtually no time or effort at all.”

Where we lived in the country, we had this great laundry line that was on a pulley system - I simply reeled it away from me.

Now that we’re back in the city, I am making do with a folding rack in the basement. Not the same delicious fresh smell in the clothes, but it does the trick! The rack takes up little room and folds to hide behind a door when not in use.

"I know this inspired me to consider a clothes line again for my backyard - it would be bringing back a lovely old tradition I grew up with in Montreal!" - Susan Abramson - Toronto Designers

Kristy Athens has written a no-nonsense guide to making the urban-to-rural move called Get Your Pitchfork On: The Real Dirt on Country Living. Even if you plan to stay right where you are in the city, a number of things she talks about are pertinent. For example, air-drying laundry. Check it out here!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


To simplify my life, I stopped using a Brita filer. I have beautiful vintage milk bottles that I fill with cold tap water instead of the not so pretty Brita container.

It had occurred to me that I had been consistently leaving water at the bottom of the Brita container for many days in a row, and probably not washing my container often enough to stave off bacteria. Not to mention that the filters are expensive and I already pay, through taxes, for an amazing filtration of our water here in Toronto, Ontario.

One less thing to buy and worry about. And I change my bottle daily for my 'clean and fresh bottle of the day'. It's a practical thing!