Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pottery barn table

So I bought a table - I had one, but liked this one better. So much better! While at Yorkdale I always pop into Pottery Barn, one of my favourite stores! There was this table sitting all by itself in the middle of the store with a 1/2 price tag on it and I thought, "wow, is that my table?" I called my husband, he looked up the picture on-line, and right away said yes. He loved the Mission/Workbench style base, and I loved the rustic finish on the top. And oh so practical with a pedestal base and oval shape so you can always squeeze just one more person in.

So, yes, it was indeed my table. I kept my hand on it the whole time I pondered as others were passing by, trying to get a feel. But my hand said it all - IT'S MINE!

Now all I have to do is find a home for the old table...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

this is what really happens

I love the note on the chalkboard in this Minnesota kitchen - "this is what really happens". I love the way it tells a whole story and the story I read is that this space is real. It's not perfect, but you take it as it is. A charming space with a lot of character.

apartmenttherapy.com - photo from this link - cruising this site is a favourite past-time of mine, looking for innovative spaces that are anything but cookie cutter. See this full house tour here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

english country

I love the way this bedroom feels. The wallpaper adds such texture and interest, while the antique bed feels warm and inviting. If you look carefully at the photo, a classic hurricane lamp hangs from the ceiling and the designer cleverly added a green shade to the bedside light to compliment all the pink.

Lovely! English country at its best. I love it and it's not even all white!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

stainless steel

My STAINLESS steel sink is stained. What's up with that?? A tea bag sat on the surface for maybe 10 minutes... now it's stained. I will give it some time... a few more washings. Haven't broken out the comet yet though.

OK, on to more decorating... when I have a day off I concentrate a little on my place - oh all the things that I want but don't need... But always fun to dream. :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

dining room table

How perfect is this table? It is made out of reclaimed wood (environmentally friendly), it is made with unfinished pine (how easy is that to care for!), and it extends from 84" to 120" (everyone can come for dinner - there always seems to be too much food just never enough space!).

Yesterday I got three design magazines in the mail and had exactly 45 minutes between one client and the next to eat, go through a few emails and skim through the magazines. What I noticed in my quick skimming was the new 'Provencal' look. A little like the photo posted here, and a lot like the colour and texture of the wood of this table. I have always, always loved this style so when I saw this table from Restoration Hardware I was thrilled. But it was when I saw all those magazines filled with this look I got really excited - now I know I can much more easily find this look for myself or any of my clients as needed.

Hmm, but will I start to not like it now that it is common place? Oh what the heck, I just have to assume everyone just finally caught up to me. Now, on to 'reading' the pages of these lovely magazines. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

bathroom vanities

I have a dilemma - I love the look of this apothecary double sink console from Pottery Barn but what do I do with all my stuff?

Yesterday I cleaned out my linen closet - it felt amazing! I can see empty shelf space and have found homes for so many still beautiful things that I just don't use anymore. Since doing this I feel I can actually consider a sink like this one... I have created storage by purging. But will I be disciplined enough to keep the ugly green and pink plastic bottles of things I like in the linen closet, outside the bathroom walls?

I almost always decorate practically - would never really consider an open bottom double sink console if I had the option to add closed storage in my small home. Well this is my quandary - sometimes I wish I were less practical. Sometimes I wish I could say - just do it for the looks - you love it! It would force me to stay tidy and to really keep space in my linen closet for all the messy stuff. I can do it!!... but what about my family? My husband and two daughters - and their stuff!

Ahem... I will probably go with the practical. I am sure there are lots of gorgeous closed vanities that I haven't explored yet being stuck on this one. In the long run I will probably be quite happy with a vanity with storage, but that apothecary sink... oh, to die for!