Thursday, April 8, 2010


the Dr. Pitt Collection sectional

I can't believe I have never talked about Elte before. I love that store! This morning I was there for a designer's presentation on new and upcoming furnishings and rugs. It was great! It was nice to learn it is a family business and that the current owner is third generation with his wife as the sole buyer! His sons are now getting into the business as well and they all have a keen eye on the trends!

And for those skeptics that think Elte is just for the wealthy, think again. While it is not Ikea of course, it is also not Roche Bobois, and they have pricing in the 'good, better, best' ranges.

They also were talking about updating their website and there will be a second floor of even more stuff opening up very soon in their showroom. Woo Hoo - more great shopping!!

Start with their website, but be sure to have a walk through their showroom one day soon - there really is something for everyone.

Elte - 80 Ronald Ave., Designers Walk North in Toronto. Lots of parking.


  1. Susan,

    My name is Andrew Metrick and as my dad pointed out during our presentation, my brother and I are the fourth generation of my family to work at ELTE. Before I even begin to tell you how much I loved reading your blog post, I wanted to thank you for coming to the event. We had a great turnout so I hope you enjoyed the morning and had a chance to walk through our showroom. Let me just tell you that after I finished reading your blog post, I called my mom over to my screen to have look. I then emailed the link to my brother and printed off a copy for both my dad and our president so that they could all see your write-up. I was was truly touched by what you wrote. You hit so many of the points that we try to convey to our customers on a daily basis. Please make sure the next time you visit us at ELTE that you ask for myself or anyone else in my family as we'd be more than happy to come and say hello.

    Thank you once again,


  2. Andrew, thank you for your kind remarks. It made my day. And everything I said about your store is true. I love shopping there! With the service I get from someone like Fabian, it only makes it even better!

    Hope to be there again soon so I'll ask for you - thanks!

    Glad you found my blog - I only tell it like it is here. ;)