Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It is really quite simple - get rid of all the luggage you have that you don't use anymore. Only keep the ones that are currently airport friendly. What does that mean? It means that no matter how full you make it, most carriers will accept its weight with no overcharges. If you think about those luggage sets that have the XL, medium and small pieces, get rid of the XL one. They will always go over in weight and you'll have to pay more, not to mention that you'll have to pull more too!

And while we're on the topic of luggage, don't forget that if you are travelling with someone else, put half of each of your clothes in each of your suitcases. That way if one luggage is lost at least you will both have some things you can change into until it is found.

So simple! Now just do it. The next time you put your things out for a charity to pick up, put it all into one of those luggage's you don't use anymore and tag it for removal. Done.

PS As in this photo, try rolling your clothes. It takes up way less space and if you only take that medium luggage, you'll need it.

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