Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It's a little thing but if you get rid of your call waiting, life can be simpler. If you still have a land line, like I do, and also a cell phone, like I do, then there really is no need for this nuisance of a feature. I really hate when I am on the phone with someone and in the middle of a thought they say 'oh excuse me, it's my other line'. It really makes me feel unimportant. And if you personally have this ridiculous feature, you are complicating your life by having the possibility of having to deal with two people at the same time.

If the second caller has something that important to say, they can leave a message or call your cell (and leave a message there too if need  be). And really, how often is something so important that one can't wait to be called back?

Simplify your life by getting rid of call waiting - trust me, it's so worth it. And you'll save the expense too!*

*I do get this feature for business, but not for your personal life.

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