Saturday, December 31, 2011


There are so many ways you can simplify your life for 2012, and forever. Here are just a few in point form - I'll elaborate in the new year on each point, and others if you have some to share too. You may like some and choose not to follow others, but if you commit to even just a few, you'll recognize the pleasure in living a simpler life.
  • reduce the clutter in your life
  • get rid of your lawn
  • stop buying clothes that need to be dry-cleaned or ironed
  • leave your shoes at the front door
  • run all your errands in one place
  • drive a simple car
  • move to a smaller home
  • change the way you shop
  • get rid of all but one of your credit cards
  • split a restaurant meal
  • do one thing at a time
  • just say no
  • forget nail polish
  • build a simple wardrobe
  • ...
 Create a low maintenance garden with no grass to mow...
 Instead of polish, buff your nails - it never chips and your hands will always look clean...
Take your boots off at the front door and only keep the pairs you are currently wearing there...

I hope in the new year you find simplicity in life, making you wonder why all the little changes you made weren't done long before.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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