Sunday, December 11, 2011


I always thought I was a purist when it came to reading and that I couldn't give up my books. I loved turning the pages, skimming ahead and behind for notes, quotes or turned down pages with inspirational notions... but then I got a Kindle. It was a mother's day gift from my family so I've had it for several months now. It all started after trying to read the biggest book I have ever taken to the tub with me, and it just didn't work! Epiphany - a kindle would solve that problem!

It took a while to get used to not turning pages and visually seeing the pages I read with pages to come at a glance. But alas, I was a convert. I loved that I could read with one hand to leave my other hand free for, ahem, a glass of wine. I loved taking it with me on holiday with more than one book in tow without the added weight. I love that no one ever knows what I'm reading, what page I'm on, or how far along in a book I am when I sit in the subway or while on holiday at the pool. And most of all, I love that my bookshelves are not getting more cluttered with books I tended to buy and not borrow.

I think I have simplified my life! With one easy button on the computer, I choose a book and a minute later I can start reading. That's simple! I don't have to worry about giving away, lending or getting back for re-reads a whole stack of books that tend to accumulate. That's simple! I love that if someone wants to buy me a book as a gift, they still can for my Kindle. That's simple! And with time, it will even pay itself off as the books tend to be slightly less expensive than paperbacks and I did tend to always buy.

I'm a happy Kindle owner. What are your thoughts on the Kindle or other e-Readers?

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