Friday, July 30, 2010

ikea kitchen

Yesterday I spent all day at Ikea designing a kitchen and choosing all the finishes with a client.  I was very impressed.  Not with the fact that they give you very little guidance to get you started, or that they keep you waiting for a long time, but about the product.  It is great!  Stylish, good quality, lots of sizes to choose from and now that they have everything from appliances to the kitchen sink, you really don't have to look elsewhere.  If you don't like crowds, stay away, especially during the kitchen sale going on now, but otherwise do consider an Ikea kitchen.  There are ways to make it look custom too so it is truly a great product.


  1. As much as I can be happy about an Ikea kitchen my experience yesterday was truly horrendous! There were mistakes made and the long waits along with the AC that didn't work well was ridiculous! In the end I know my clients will be thrilled with their kitchens. Just be prepared if you decide to go.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Can you suggest some simple ways to give an Ikea kitchen a custom look?
    We've checked them out but worry about the space looking too "Ikea". Would love to know your thoughts!
    Thanks :)

  3. Try using cabinet pulls from a different source. Work the cabinets so that there is very little 'filler' - there are plenty of sizes to work with. Get custom crown moulding for the top and kick plate. Get your own appliances, sink and faucet and consider different counters as well (although they have a lot to choose from). Inject some aged pieces that have patina like an open shelf or an interesting backsplash. And inject the colours you love! Good luck! :)

  4. I agree, at Ikea you're on your own and it has such a warehouse feel - but I do love discovering unique products that I can't find elsewhere. I notice that they change their inventory often too, which is kind of nice. Makes it like exploring a treasure chest each time!