Sunday, August 15, 2010

light wood floors

I like light wood floors.  So many are shying away from it these days to go for the dark or medium stains.  While those are beautiful, there is something charming, and so easy, about natural wood.

This dining room says it all. 

And as a reminder, light wood floors are so much easier to care for too - you see way less dust and scratches on them!  Not to mention how your dark wood furniture, or in this case white furniture, looks amazing against it.


  1. The dining room does indeed say it all. Love the French look. Chairs are fabulous. Any more pics of the table? Keep up the great work Susan. You're an asset to the industry!

  2. Sorry, no further photos, but you can click on the photo and zoom in to see all the details.
    Thanks for the kudos! :D

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