Thursday, December 9, 2010

green living rooms

Green is such a versatile colour - here you can see it being used in this traditional Kim Coleman designed living room / hallway, and in this very modern and graphic space in a much more vibrant hue.

There is something for everyone when it comes to green.


  1. What green colour brand/number is this? Its a beautiful colour

  2. I don't know but something similar that I love is from Benjamin Moore called Margarita 2026-20, but don't do a whole room with it - it's too electric! Have fun with the colour! :)

  3. Is Benjamin Moore an american brand? Is there anything similar in Dulux or Crown, I just love this colour but I'm from Ireland.

  4. Unfortunately I don't have the Dulux or Crown colour swatches - go to the Benjamin Moore website and type in that colour name and you will see it on-line. Then see if you can match something similar to the colours you have.

    Hope that works for you.

    Thanks for reading from Ireland! :)