Wednesday, January 20, 2010

brian gluckstein

Watched City-Line yesterday - Brian Gluckstein, interior designer was on. He does some great work! This dining room has such a wonderful eclectic feel to it.

I only caught a bit of it, but there was a woman who asked for decorating advice for her comfy basement TV space. She had a large comfy sectional and big screen TV with nothing much else. She asked Brian for advice to make it feel finished - he had some great ideas for photos on the walls, etc., but had suggested a smaller chair with wood arms and legs 'so as not to take up too much visual space'. What is that??! How comfortable would that be? And in my opinion, I think it would look lost and disproportionately small next to that over-sized sofa. Besides, it wasn't right for her style (something he seems to have trouble doing as it is his way or no way).

Practically speaking, there was room for a larger chair and I think that is what could hold it's own next to the large sectional and TV. That is where I would have gone with that space. A different, perhaps lighter colour fabric to the sectional would work. I think she will be very disappointed with his advice if she goes for that spindly legged chair.

We seem to just trust big TV personalities without question - Brian gets a lot of things right, but not this time.

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