Monday, November 14, 2011


That's me in the front at the age of about 4 - I think I was either sucking my thumb or picking my nose. LOL!  We had good times in our little abode.

Today I decided I wanted to share things other than just decor that I hold dear to me - everything simple and practical.  My goal with this blog will be to help you think smarter to achieve a simpler and more practical life.  I want to bring us back to an uncomplicated and easier way of living and thinking as I honestly believe it is the key to happiness.

I am continuing in this same blog that has many posts related to decor, but from now on it changes to all things practical, not just practical decorating.  For decor stuff, visit my other blog here.

This photo is from a time where we all seemed to live quite well.  By today's standards I wonder if we would still think so.  I grew up in an 800 sq. ft. home that housed three children and two parents.  There was one bathroom.  And we were lucky as we had a lovely backyard where we grew vegetables in the summer and had our back deck for extra space for those few short warm months in Montreal, Quebec.  I would say living that way was definitely simpler and more practical - there was less to clean, less to furnish, and way less space for 'stuff'.

Join me here for updates on everything practical from travelling to organizing and all things real and convenient.


  1. Thanks Susan! There is so much pressure to consume these days...we're told in every way that bigger houses and more stuff are the key to happiness...its such a seductive message so I'm looking forward to your updates.

  2. Well, I know you already took the first step in downsizing and that is awesome. Thanks for following and I hope I can inspire many about the simple life.