Sunday, November 20, 2011


My simplified Christmas shopping may only be useful for next year, but part of it may come in handy now. Start with a journal. Any kind really, but I like to suggest a pretty one that looks like a book that you can store on your shelves. Now mark down all the people you buy gifts for in list form. Then shop and write down what you buy.

OK, that's too simple. There's a trick to this and it's not about starting early.  It's about starting late. Yes, late. Go shopping for non perishables the year before - like right after Christmas when all the sales are on! The key is to write down what you buy for whom though (the real reason for this pretty journal), and of course to have a big box in a dry place that you can store it all safely. It's easy to refer to the journal any time of year as you find appropriate gifts for those on your list.

That's it, that's the trick. You can work on it all year if you like, but for those special Christmasy things, it's best right after Christmas. It's naturally more economical too!

Up to date electronics for the kids do have to wait until last minute of course - can you imagine a teenager looking at a new Apple product... from a year ago!? They would think it archaic! ;)

**You may prefer to 'journal' on your computer of course. I just like the idea of looking at the list from year to year in a journal form.

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